Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Whispering Palms 4th/5th Grade Track Team

The McDonald's All School Track Meet will be on May 12th at the Ada Track. On that day the organizers only take the top 6 finishers in each age category from Saipan to compete. Tinian and Rota get one spot each. As you can see there are many students from our little school who are trying out for these limited spots, let alone all the other schools. We are all cheering for each other hoping to have many Whispering Palms Students Qualify for the McDonald's All School Track Meet. At the All School Track meet each student who qualifies earns points for their school depending on their race results. These students have been working hard in PE and also going down to the track for the preliminaries also known as the qualifiers each week. Last week they were at the track until 8:00 PM! In my opinion EVERYONE WINS just for being out at the track, trying something new, and being healthy!!! I'm so proud of each one of you for being on our track team and trying so hard to qualify! Way to go!

Meet the team (not pictured Miguel) Back row: Nicole, Raina, Phalai, Minori, Christian, Clay, Jay, and Victoria. Front Row: Michaela, Annalise, Rachell, Danica, Hee Joo, Kristina, Jake.800 Meter runners:Jake, Clay, Danica, Victoria, Annalise

1500 Meter Runner: Danica

100 Meter runners: Back Row: Phalai, Minori, Christian, Michaela Front Row: Kristina, Jay, Hee Joo, Danica, Nicole, Victoria, (not pictured Miguel)

200 Meter Runners: Back Row: Phalai, Minori, Christian, Michaela Front Row: Kristina, Jay, Hee Joo, Danica, Nicole, Victoria, Annalise (not pictured Clay)

Back Row: Phalai, Christian, Michaela Front Row: Jake, Clay, Hee Joo, Danica, Nicole, Victoria, Rachell

Long Jump
L to R: Annalise, Minori, Jay, Hee Joo, Christian, Jake, Kristina, Victoria, Nicole, Rachell

L to R: Hee Joo, Jay, Clay, Jake, Phalai, Kristina, Victoria, Michaela, Rachell
Christian, Clay, Jake


Minori said...

Hope win team W.P.S. don't give up I beleive in you!!!!!!!

michaela said...

Go team WPS! try your best and have fun,thats what it's all about!

raina said...

go team go. go team W.P.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake said...

Lets Go W.P.S!!! Try hard!!! Have fun too.

Anonymous said...

i see that you are going to throw the javelin christian and i also see that your eyes are closed in the photo. are you still tired from soccer? stay awake!

Danica said...

dont for get too bring some sleeping bags

Danica said...

i think im pretty fast you think

annalise said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of events for Danica. She must have a lot of stamina. She better eat good and get a lot of rest before the big race.

chrisitan said...

Thats a BIG track team i'm sure that many people will make the team. Also they all look really really fast.

Danica said...

thats not a lot of events even if they where at least im trying and thats good and healthy and im proud of my self

michaela said...

Congatulations to the Track Team!!!! our whole school did really well.