Friday, May 18, 2007

Clay Global Warming

How to Reduce Global Warming in our Society

By Clay McCullough-Stearns

Did you know that each year polar bears drown and might become extinct because we are polluting the earth? I want to change the way we contribute to globe warming!!! First, I would like to try and ride bikes or walk instead of using cars. Secondly, I would like to try and stop using big factories. My third solution is to teach other people about global warming and what it will do in the future.

So, how can people try and stop global warming? First, you can try and use bikes or walk to the place you want to go instead of using cars or other motorized vehicles. Or, if you don’t have a bike or it’s to long to walk you can car pool with your friends or family. The more people per car the more you’re saving gas. Also, if you can’t car pool and you have to have a car, buy a Prius because those kinds of cars are better than other cars because they save gas. Tell other people to use bikes or walk or even to car pool with other people

My second solution is to stop making big factories because all the black stuff that’s coming out of there is lots and lots of pollution. The carbon dioxide in side the pollution is causing most of the global warming. Also, if you’re trying to find a job, try and avoid those big factories that have those big smoke stacks with black smoke coming out. If people don’t work there, it might make big factories shut down because there’s no body to work there so that’s less pollution. You can also prevent global warming by not burning plastics or other things like plastic bags because those things are toxic and if you burn them they contribute to global warming.

My third main idea to prevent global warming is to have people that come in and teach students and even adults about global warming. We should have free classes once a month that talk about global warming. We should also have posters on the side of the road that are saying things about global warming and what it will do if we don’t try and stop it now.

So what am I saying? I’m saying, try and use bikes or walk instead of using cars. Or to try and avoid working in big factories that have big smoke stacks. And also teach other people about global warming. You can even start to day to make a change about global warming!!!


Anonymous said...

I like your ideas, Clay!
See you next week,
Aunt Suzi

Anonymous said...

love it looks like you thought about this good.

michaela said...

i like your idea about the factories because if we destroy them we could also make a skate park or another track that involes sports. So people could be more healtheir, so thats a great idea!!!!

Saipan Students said...

Clay, This is great stuff! What inspired you to write about this topic?

Class, Are there more of you who also share Clay's concern about Global Warming? Do you have additional solutions? If so, what are they?


Auntie Brenda