Monday, May 21, 2007

The Summer of Swans- Book review by Annalise, Christian, and Raina

The Summer of the Swans

Author: Betsy Byars
By: Annalise, Christian and Raina

Sara was having the most awkward summer in her whole life. First Sara went to see the swans at the lake; she took her little brother Charlie with her. When they got to the lake Charlie saw the swans and was amazed but he could not say what he felt because he got sick as a little boy. Charlie and Sara didn’t leave the lake till night fall. But Charlie did not want to leave, so Sara had to drag him all the way home.

That night Charlie could not sleep because he was thinking about the swans. So he went down to the lake to find the swans but he got lost somewhere in the forest. The next morning Sara found out Charlie was missing so she started a search party with her friend and Aunt Willie reported the incident to the police.

Our rating for this book is a C-


We rated this book this grade because, it wasn’t very exciting in the beginning. Once we got to the middle of the book it got more exciting and intense. The book got easier to understand and was happier at the end of the book. The book also went a little slow, and mentioned things that really did not make sense to us.

Our message was:

Your worst enemies can be your friends once you get to know them.

How we related to the characters:


My summers can be so boring like Sara’s. Sometimes I just want to run away and do something exciting.


Charlie because I almost was lost once but I was with my friend so we both knew what way to go. But I never had to look for somebody who got lost.


I would relate to Sara because I would freak out if my brother or sister got lost. I have had that experience my brother’s friend got lost in a ravine with her dad and dog and it freaked me out.


Saipan Students said...

Good review. It seems like you were able to relate to being a sibling.

michaela said...

that book looks like a good book!