Friday, May 18, 2007

Rachell's plan to reduce violence in our society

10 Year Plan to Reduce Violence in our Society!!

By: Rachell Kim

There is a lot of violence in the world. It’s affecting other people and other people are getting mad and making more violence. Violence is growing bigger every minute, even now. We need to stop it. But what will we do to stop it?? I have a plan that will take 10 years to reduce violence. But before I tell you the ideas there’s a question I need to ask. Why? Why are we doing this? We know it has to be stopped. So, that’s how I came up with a plan.

I have picked three ideas out of many. There is a problem that needs to be stopped but is still happening in the world. That problem is stealing. This is the most common way of making people mad. So, this problem is stealing. So, this plan is to tell the world about what is going on with violence and stealing because some people don’t know about this problem. Also, society can be messed up with violence and if we don’t do anything, maybe the violence will go on for years.

My second idea is about guns. Guns are the weapons that people use more than knifes. With guns, one person can kill anyone. If we don’t want anyone to get killed WHY do we sell guns to people?? Also guns kill kids by accidents. So my idea is to have a certain places were you could only get guns for a really good reason. You’ll have to get permission and say what and where you’re going to use the gun and when you’re going to return.

The last but not least is my third idea. My third idea is about desperate needs. I know that some people steal or do other bad things because they are desperate. This what they are desperate for; food if they are poor or they can also be desperate for drugs. We can do better things than stealing. Instead of stealing we can get help from other people or our community. There’s a lot of places were they help people with their needs. So basically, the idea is to help the people that are desperate and to tell people to get help rather than steal. I mean who would not help other people??

So these were the main ideas to reduce violence. To stop burglering, stop killing people by guns, and help desperate people. We can try these ideas and maybe we can change our society. If we do maybe we can make our society even better than before. So please help and try these ideas so we can change our society and make it a better place for all of us!!


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Saipan Students said...

This is a very unique perspectice on the cause of violence. Is your perspective based on personal experience? Was this an idea you came up with on your own. This is very interesting.

Class, Have you had an experience like this?

Auntie Brenda