Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarah Plain and Tall A Book Review by Clay and Jake

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Our second book review

By Clay Griffin McCullough-Stearns and Jake Tiger Lee

Sarah, Plain and Tall is a book about two kids; Caleb and Anna, whose mom died the day after giving birth to Caleb. Their dad puts out an advertisement in the newspaper for a mom and/or wife. A person named Sarah responds. She is plain and tall. They get four letters, one is signed “Very Truly Yours, Sarah Elisabeth Wheaton.” The second one is the same as the first. The third one was signed “very truly yours, Sarah Elisabeth” the fourth one was signed “Sarah.” We think that’s a message that she’s coming because each one is getting shorter and also the letters are also getting shorter than in the beginning. On one of the letters she said that she was going to be wearing a yellow bonnet and a yellow dress. When Sarah got there, she meets the family and is wearing a yellow bonnet and a yellow dress. We think she wore yellow because yellow is a happy color so she’s saying she’s happy to meet the family. In one of the letters Sarah says that she would only stay for a month to decide if she would stay or not and she has a cat named seal. From the beginning of the book Sarah comes and acts like a mother to Anna and Caleb. The first month Sarah is there they have different adventures like swimming in a cow pond or when it snowed hail the size of apples or when Sarah scrambled up the roof and fixes the roof during a storm. The message of the book is to love your family, friends and pets too.

Clay can relate to the characters because he has been to a farm, has rode horses, has been to the sea, has been to the states and he has been in a barn and has a cat and has fed farm animals. Jake can relate to the characters because he has been to a farm and has rode horses and he has been in a barn and also loves the sea and he also has fed and taken care of barn animals.

We recommend this book for 3rd-5th grade because it’s a little bit easy to read and it’s good because it tells about how the people lived a long time ago in the states. We both rate this book a B because some parts were funny but some parts felt like nothing interesting was happening.

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Saipan Students said...

This is a great book! It goes with what we are studying in Social Studies. I really like how Sarah is welcomed into the family.

Has anyone else read this book? If so, what did you think?

Auntie Brenda