Monday, April 30, 2007

Rabbit Pet Care

It's National Pet Week and we would like to introduce you to our favorite classroom pet Mr. Snowball. Mr. Snowball is a white, Norwegian dwarf rabbit. He has red eyes. He is small cute and fluffy. Mr. Snowball is 7 1/2 years old. We would like to educate the public about how to take care of a pet dwarf rabbit.
Some brands of rabbit food don't have all the nutrients as fruits and veggies. So you need to give your rabbit a little bit of both.

Keep fresh water available at all times.

Feed your rabbit:Rabbit pellets and hay. You can also feed your rabbit greens, carrots, dry grass, celery, sweet potato, lettuce, Firm fruits (strawberries, apples, pears and bananas) and broccoli but be careful because too much of these foods can upset their tummies and give them diarrhea.


Trim your rabbit's nails carefully and regularly.

Let your rabbit run around at least once a day.

Clean your rabbit's cage at least 2 -3 times a week.

Put wood in the cage so the rabbit's teeth don't get too long.

Never let your rabbit chew on wires.

Breed your rabbit before one year of age. If you breed them after 1 year the mother's pelvis can fuse causing death for the mother and baby.


A small rabbits cage should be 30 x 30 x 14 inches for the rabbit to at least run around inside the cage.

Clean the rabbits cage about 2-3 times a week at the minimum.
If your rabbit is an outdoor rabbit you should build a wooden hutch made out of heavy wood and water proof roof.

If your rabbit is an indoor rabbit you can also use a wooden hutch or a cage. Never put two male rabbits in 1 cage or they will fight.


Rabbits can be trained to know their name.

Rabbits can also be litter box trained.

Rabbits are more intelligent than hamsters or guinea pigs.


Netherland dwarf rabbits are more energetic than bigger ones.

Netherland dwarf rabbits get easily stressed so there not very good pets for young children.

Never put 2 males together they might fight.

They like to chew on things so never let your rabbit chew on cords.

Netherland dwarf rabbits are curious.

They don't get along with cats and dogs.

These rabbit pet care tips are brought to you as a combine effort of the 4th and 5th grade class of Whispering palms School.

We found Mr. Snowball's itchy spot!

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Congratulations Soccer Teams!!

Congratulations to the Under 10 and Under 12 Co-ed traveling teams that went to Guam this weekend! Together they played 10 games. They won 9 out of 10! If you would like to see some pictures of the event, you can check out my family blog at

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Raina's ideas for reducing violence in our society

My 10 Year Plan to Reduce Violence in our Society.

By: Raina Klaver

Have you ever heard of school violence? Sad to say I have and I want to reduce school violence. These are my 3 mains ideas to reduce school violence. No teachers should have weapons. Adults should not be able to walk into schools with out an I-D if they are a stranger. No schools materials that could be used as any kind of a weapon be left out unattended during breaks.

No teachers should have weapons on school campus. How I reduce this is that all teachers and students (just in case) should get checked for weapons before school so students are safe form harm. Their bags should also get checked for weapons too!

Adults should not be able to walk into a school without an I-D. If they are a stranger or an unknown parent they should not be able to walk in. How I would reduce this is that there would be a watch guard during school. So a stranger could not just walk in and hurt innocent teachers and students or kill them.

No school materials that could be used as a weapons be left unattended during breaks. School materials like knifes, chemicals, scissors and ropes. How I reduce this is that all teachers that think students would come in and take things that could be used as weapons should lock the doors. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have locks on the door buy a filing cabinet put the things inside then lock it with a key or a code. Don’t let the students know where the key is or know what the code is.

If we follow my main idea’s maybe school violence will stop. My first main idea will help all teachers in all grades. My second main idea will help all grades too maybe. My last main idea will help middle school and high school and maybe college.

Victoria's plan to reduce violence

My 10 year plan to reduce VIOLENCE!!!!

By: Victoria Chenstova Age 9, 4th grade

Have you ever heard about murders or crimes especially where weapons were used? It’s not a pretty sight. It makes me so sad, innocent people getting killed for no reason. It’s just awful. I will make a ten year plan to stop or at least reduce violence in our society. My first idea is weapons should be kept in a special spot, next we should not have hand guns, semi automatics or any guns like these, and third is to change the second amendment in the bill of rights.

My first idea was to store weapons in a special spot like a building with police, guards, and security cameras. Everyone that has a weapon must keep it in that building. You must fill out a form that asks were you are going, the code to get that weapon, and how long you will have it.

My second idea was no hand guns and semi automatics. Why? Because these guns are used to kill people if we have them there will be murder.

My third idea is to change the second amendment of the bill of rights (weapons can be kept in homes). So no weapons would be kept in homes. To protect yourself, you can buy a baseball bat or an object like it.

These are things that I hope happen. There is a lot of violence. Let’s stop it now. My solutions are to store weapons in a safe spot, no using semi automatic and hand guns, and change the second amendment. Lets all work together to stop violence. Are you in?


"The three things that are essential to achievement are hard work, stick-to-it-iv-ness, and common sense." -Thomas Edison

Why teach children about circuits? As part of a project by the Annenberg Foundation, new graduates from M.I.T. (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) were formally surveyed to see whether they could light a light bulb using a wire and a battery. Although they thought they could do it-all graduates from one of the world's top science and engineering universities -had trouble.

Although electrical appliances are a part of everyday modern life, many people have little idea, or wrong ideas, about how electricity works. This is the reason we are going to explore basic and more advanced concepts in electric circuits this year.

The students all had to sign a pledge that they would never experiment with 120 Volt sockets or appliances that plug into 120 volts at home or at school.

No 120 Volts!!!

"I did it!" says Danica.

"stick-to-it-iv-ness" in action by Nicole

We made the circuit!

Miguel records his findings in pen in his Inventor's Journal so he can defend a patent if he needs to.

Jay: "Why won't the light light up? I know the circuit is all connected."

Jay: "Ohhhhhh!!! There's no negative charge on the other end!!!"
Christian and Raina: "OOOHHH!!! That's why!!!"

Jay: "there, see now it works!"

Clay: "Auntie Brenda, if our bodies are conductors, what if I cut my fingers open and touched both sides of the battery? Would it make a short circuit and get hot?"
Brenda: "Why don't you try saliva instead?"
Clay: "REALLY?!?!?!"
Brenda: "Sure"
Clay: "Nope, doesn't get hot."

Jay: "What if I took a battery into the bathtub? Since water is a conductor would the battery get hot?"
Brenda: "Great Question, I'm not really sure."
Raina: "I think it might be dangerous."
Christian: "I've seen batteries on the beach with all the stuff coming out.
Raina: :Yeah, the battery might explode."

Christian: "Let's see if Phalai's earing can conduct an electrical current....It won't work."
Phalai: "I've tried it before and it worked."
Time passes..many people try it...
Jay: "there's no electricity!"
Christian: "Let's add a battery."
All: "IT WORKS!!!!!"

Good Luck to our traveling soccer teams!

Good Luck to the Whispering Palms 4th and 5th Grade Under 10 and Under 12 CNMI traveling team Members!

Have fun this weekend in Guam!

Front row Left to right: Jake Lee U12, Clay McCullough-Stearns U12
Back Row left to right: Kristina Folta U10, Phalai Frink U10, and Christian Miller U12

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in Society by Christian Miller

10 Year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Christian Miller

Have you ever planed a trip but then you cancelled it because of violence? I had that happen to me before and I want to change all that. I have 3 main ideas how to reduce violence. The 1st is to write a grievance to the president and ask for a meeting. 2nd is to confront the people with a megaphone right out side the White House and educate them on what’s going on in the world; and 3rd if all else fails I would make picket signs telling the president to change the 2nd amendment in the constitution.

So my first plan I would send a grievance to the president and ask for a private meeting. I would say something like this “I’m concerned with our society and guns. Do you think we could change the 2nd amendment to selling only air guns people and hand guns or semi automatic guns to police men and people and people who are fighting in the war? This should happen because remember the Virginia Tech Massacre? 32 people were killed and 19-29 were injured!”

My 2nd idea I would buy a megaphone and stand right outside the white house and say “did you have a sibling killed in a violent event? Like the Virginia Tech Massacre? 32-33 families had a sibling killed. The 2nd amendment is allowing people to carry around big guns! I want to change that; if we work together we can make a difference in the world! A world without violence!

My 3rd plan I would make picket signs an go walk around streets telling people to join me in telling the president that we care about our families and society and that guns should not be limited in stores as well as types. In conclusion I think the president would have no chose but to change the 2nd amendment because if we work together and do my main ideas which are Grievances, educate people, and picket signs about the amendment, we would have a safer and happier society.

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in our society By Kristina Folta

10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Kristina R. Folta

4th grade, age10

Have you ever flipped through the channels on TV, and saw that there was a gunfight at a college? Do you ever wonder if they had a very successful school year that they were going to finish? Was it your child that was killed when you were not by their side? I want to “ be the change I want to see” This is what Ghandi said. I have several ideas how to fix society so there will be less violence and kids in college can at least get their masters degree in safety.

My first main idea is that we amend the second amendment so that you are allowed to have guns but you have to have a reasonable purpose. One would be to protect your family from wild animals. If you are a F.B.I. worker a gun is a tool. If you are a soldier fighting for your independence like in the revolutionary war you would also kneed a gun. Amending the constitution is my first main idea.

My second idea is to forbid semi automatic guns for any purposes. You should not be killing as many as you can but rather defending. I think that you have the right to come home and say, “I fought for my country and I am still alive” to people who use semi automatic guns what is the purpose? Is it to kill many people at once? Or to defend your country? Think about that.

My last idea is to stop selling guns openly. But maybe to the military or police. That way guns are being used properly. And if anyone tries to sell guns they can be put in to court. That is my last idea.

So as you can see my plan is possible but only if you people that care about the safety in our society. Now I shall re-state my main ideas, amend the 2nd amendment. My second is forbidding the use of semi automatic guns. My last one is to stop selling guns of any sort except to police and army.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reducing Violence by Michaela Grandinetti

10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Michaela Grandinetti

5th grade, age 10

Have you heard in the news that there are so many people dying in this world? Their families’ hearts and souls are broken because of their loved ones. I would feel so bad for families and friends whose friend or family member died in a war or a murder. I have three main ideas to prevent violence in our society and to make the world a better place.

My first main idea to reduce violence is for people to stop watching TV that has violence in it. How I want to prevent this that there should only be TV channels that don’t have violence in it. Like Educational channels, and channels for young children. Another way you could prevent this is that you could block channels that you don’t like or have violence in it.

My second main idea is for people to stop playing video games with violence in it. They might learn from it. Stores should only sell non-violence video games. I think it could become a law.

My third main idea is that nobody should be able to trade something for guns. That person might be a criminal. How I would want to prevent this, that it also should become a law. Another way to prevent this is that Stores shouldn’t sell guns only for a good reason.

My ideas could be possible if there are people that care about our society and safety for people and young children. I will now list my ideas, my first was to stop watching TV that has violence in it, my second was to stop playing videogames with violence in it, and my last one was to stop trading guns.

Reducing Violence by Jake Tiger Lee

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Jake Tiger Lee

5th grade Age 11

Has anyone noticed violence in our society? Has anyone noticed terrorism? Like 911, the Virginia Tech massacre and all the lost lives? Well, instead of being afraid why not make a change?

We the citizens of the United States of America can make a change. I think we could register all guns and armed weapons. In the bill of rights the second amendment says “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep bear arms shall not be infringed.” I think we can make an amendment to that so people could not use semi automatics or any weapons to kill people unless in war or for a job.

I think every time you buy a gun or weapon you must sign a pledge to never use it for violence and to never sell it because then the person who bought it could use it for violence. Also, you would need a license to hunt or do anything with a gun. I also think that if anyone has a problem with the government they should use their words not violent acts.

We could really make a change in the world. If everyone works together to the reduction of violence I think it will make a change. That way we could keep more lives and keep our country safe. Also, I don’t think violence will do any good in the world.

Everyone really needs to support the fact we need to register guns so they won’t be used for a bad reason and also so authorities can track it down. We have to show everyone what happens in these horrible acts of terrorism. I don’t think anyone wants to see those acts in the world. If you want to see a change and a reduction to violence “Be the change you want to see” -Ghandi.

In conclusion we should register all guns and sign a pledge for every gun. I don’t think we even need guns for killing unless you are authorized or have a license or have job with guns. That is my 10-year plan to reduce violence to our society.

Reducing Violence by Clay McCullough-Stearns

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By Clay McCullough-Stearns

5th grade Age 11

Did you know that in my life time there has been some horrible things with violence that have made innocent people die or get hurt? The tragedy of 9-11 that made thousands of innocent people and children die just because some people flew two planes into the World Trade Center. I want to change the way people use violence today. First, I would like to change the second amendment, have adults come in at speak at schools and to take action today.

So how will I change violence? I want to change the second amendment because I think it causes more violence. The second amendment to the constitution is the right to bear arms which means anybody can carry weapons, but I disagree with that. I think that only policemen and other authorized people should be able to have guns let alone use them.

Because then things happen like the Virginia tech shoot out that has killed 32 innocent people at least, and has now been the worst killing incident in U.S. history today. So what I’m trying to say is make a change and start today. Guns also shouldn’t be sold in stores except for hunting. We shouldn’t even sell hand guns or machine guns to the public because you don’t use hand guns or machine guns for hunting. So those guns should not even be sold in stores.

My second solution is that there should be adults talking in all the schools. So kids can learn ways to not use violence. I think every year people should talk to every school and class. They should also write about ways to not use violence like I’m writing right now. They could learn new strategies for solving problems like talk it out, walk away, tell a teacher, use an “I” message, or count to ten to cool off.

My third solution is to start making a change today instead of watching TV or going on the computer so that you, your children and their children can have a safe country or maybe even a safe world!!! So please start now to help every one have a safe society with no violence.

So what I’m trying to say is that this is my way to try and change the way people use violence today. So my solutions are to change the second amendment because I disagree with it. My second solution is to talk to all the schools and to teach children to not use violence. Finally, my third solution is to start to make a change!!!