Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homework 9-27-07

8th grade Holt reader due tomorrow
Spelling lesson 3 due tomorrow/ test
Thinking journal due Friday

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homework 9-26-07

spelling unit 3 due Friday/test
8th Holt Reader due Friday
science data due tomorrow

Beauty says Thanks!

Beauty the cat is now spayed thanks to the kind help, support, and donations of the people from our community! so, thanks from Whispering Palms School and Beauty the cat. We still need $230 to be able to neuter our two boy cats, Cutie and Tang. Please continue supporting our cat fund raiser! By the way, Beauty is making a great recovery at Auntie Goril's house.
Beauty before her surgery On the way to the vet!
We all went too!

We saw Molly (Ilia's dog) at the vet's office!

Then it was time for the check-up

Beauty had never been to the vet before!
Then we said goodbye before she got her surgery.
Then we headed back to school to continue our next fund raiser.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Homework 9-25-07

Persuasive Essay due tomorrow
6,7,8th grade math worksheet
Spelling unit 3 due Friday/test
Holt Reader 6,7,8th grade

Monday, September 24, 2007

Homework 9-24-07

Spelling Lesson 3 due Friday/test
Persuasive Final Essay due Wednesday
6,7,8th grade math worksheet
Holt Reader for 6,7,8 grade

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Homework 9-19-07

Persuasive Essay Final draft due Wednesday
6th grade Math test Friday
everyone has a Social Studies Test on Friday (moved from today)
Everyone has a spelling test on Friday
Everyone has the Social Studies Worksheets due tomorrow
7th grade has math worksheet due tomorrow
8th graders have the Hold Reader due friday
Everyone has Spelling lesson 2 due on Friday

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Social Studies Test scheduled for Wednesday has been moved to Friday. Auntie Brenda expects all A's!!! :)


6th/7th math worksheets

Holt Reader for 7th grade due on Wednesday.


Social Studies worksheets due on THURSDAY!!!

Holt Reader for 8th grade due on Friday.

6th/7th/8th Spelling Unit 2 due on Friday.

6th grade math test on Friday.

Spelling Test on Friday.
Coach Fujita-San from JFA (Japanese Football Association)
worked with all the Whispering Palms students on dribbling.

Joon Ko heading the ball. This was a drill we did with Coach
Tricia Kim, from the 2nd and 3rd grade class room is heading the ball.
Coach Fujita-San telling us how to NOT head a ball.
This was a game that you would have to dribble the ball
around and Coach Fujita-San would blow the whistle and
say 3, then you would have to sit on the ball with 2 people
around you.
Coach Fujita-San thanking us for enjoying football with him
and Coach Jason, and they will be coming back to play with us.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Homework 9-17-07

Upcoming assignments. Make sure to plan very carefully since there are three volleyballs games this week!!!
6th grade math test on chapter 2 the Friday
6/7/8 Social Studies test on India this Wednesday
7th Holt Reader due on Wednesday
8th Holt reader due on Friday
6th Holt reader due Monday
6/7 finish math from textbook
6/7/8 Lesson 2 in Spelling Due Friday
Spelling test on Friday
The persuasive speeches are being worked on in class. You might need to find some research to back the side you are taking. We will continue with Peer editing. Final drafts will be due on Tuesday, September 25th...we will work on speech skills in class with the speech being due the following week. More information will come out as we get closer.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank You Lena!

Lena came in to tell us even more about India!
She brought in henna, bindi's, clothes, jewelry, pictures from her recent trip and hand decorations! We learned about respect for in-laws, customs, and arranged marriages!

Volleyball Game 2 9-14-07

We are playing our 2nd Volleyball match! We are against MCS Good luck today.

Volleyball Game 2

Homework 9-14-07

6th 7th and 8th:Holt reading (6th due Monday, 7th due Wednesday, 8th due Friday)

Homework 9-14-07


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homework 9-13

Finish spelling unit& study for spelling test tomorrow
Math worksheet
Holt reader 6th due Monday, 7th due Wednesday

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Spelling page:7
Math worksheet
6th grade: Holt reader due Monday
7th grader:Holt reader Due Wednesday

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Spelling page:6
6th grade math worksheet
6th graders: Holt reader (due Monday)

Our First Vollyball Match!!!

Today we are heading to SIS for our fist Volleyball game. Good luck to everyone! Our uniforms are yellow. Very attractive!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Homework 9-10-07

Research paper is due tomorrow!
7th Grade math test on Chapter1 tomorrow
6th grade- Elements of Literature pg 3-17 due Monday
Everyone-spelling (in cursive) pages 4 & 5

Friday, September 7, 2007

"Spay and Neuter the Kitties" Bake Sale Every Friday

Friday Mornings 7:30 AM-8:05 AM and after School from 2:30-3:00

Tang, Cutie and Beauty
Whispering Palms School was adopted by an orange cat a year ago. Although she was afraid of all people she soon learned to trust because of the big hearts of our students and Staff (especially Auntie Goril). The students learned to care for her. They named her Beauty and fed her their left-overs. Soon Beauty's boyfriend "Cutie" moved in. Before we knew it, Beauty became a mom to baby Tang. We have tried to find the cats a good home but so far we have been unsuccessful. We now have 3 cats. We fear that if we don't take action the cat population will continue to rise. The only veterinarian still performing these operations will do the female surgeries for $260.00 and the male surgeries for $200.00. Our target is to raise $720.00. We have two females and one male and we fear Beauty might be pregnant again.

Morning Bake Sale. So far we have raised $140.00! We are almost able to get one cat fixed!

Signs around the school.

Some WPS Students advertising their bake sale

This is the Whispering Palms Middle School Class who are taking on this Community Service!
Teaching children about empathy, responsibility and appropriate care for animals is so important. Please help us reach our goal of $720.00 by visiting our bake sale every Friday from 7:30 AM-8:05 AM at Whispering Palms School.
Cutie curls up for a nap.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

homework 9-6-07

Homework for September 6th 2007
- 6th grade: math work sheet
- 7th grade: math work sheet and a chapter 1 test on Tuesday
- 8th grade: math page 75 to 76 cumulative review, study for test tomorrow

Everyone's rough draft is due tomorrow (research paper)

Photo day is on Wednesday September 12th!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Homework 9-5-07

* 6th grade had a math test today
* 7th grade: math worksheet
* 8th grade: math worksheet test Thursday
* Rough draft due for your research report Friday

Open House for our class is 7:15 PM.
For the school 6:30 PM.

School Photo Day is on Wednesday September 12th!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Taste of India by Maddie and Raina

Today we went to Taste of India, we ate Indian food. We also got to look at their tandoori oven. We learned a lot about the food they eat in India!
The Indian food was colorful and scented because of the many spices they used such as saffron.
Everyone liked comparing the restaurant's food to what we had learned about in our books.
The food at the restaurant looked like a traditional Indian meal.
The food was tasty.
It was interesting to compare the Indian movies to our movies.
Whoops, Raina got caught eating on camera!
Some of the food was really sour or spicy.
Some of our parents came too.
We also got to try special rice pudding, it tasted like chai.
The tandoori oven is really hot! The employees said it was very expensive to bring the Tandoori oven to Saipan. Tandoori ovens are the way many breads and meats are cooked in India. Traditionally they are made of clay.
We really liked the puffy bread.