Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Danica's plan to reduce Violence

10 year plan to Reduce violence


Who really doesn’t like the idea of violence? Well, we’re going to do something to change our society. I think we should make better laws. If they don’t follow them, we will try to encourage them to stop or show that they’re hurting our society. We could also make a center to help people with their troubles.

My first idea is to make laws so no guns should be handed to children because the child might not know how to use a gun and hurt someone. That’s why I want this law to be made. This is an example of a way small way to cause violence. So that’s why this law should be made, that is my first main idea.

My second main idea is we should also try to encourage them to stop. If we don’t we will have more violence like the Virginia tech. One guy killed About 32 teachers and students and injured about 22 people. That is the reason we should encourage the serial killers to stop. Then some of us will start reducing violence. I hope it will work because I myself am against violence.

My third main idea is to make a center to help people that have problems. That’s maybe why they murder. The people at this center will guide them through all the bad things they did or their troubles. That is my third idea.

So as you can see my ideas are possible only if I can get help. I’m going to relist my ideas. My first is to make laws. My second is try to encourage them to stop. My third is to make a center to help them with their troubles.

Thank youJJJfor helping our society.

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Saipan Students said...

Danica, Well thought out! I can tell you used a lot of effort!