Friday, May 18, 2007

Circuit Trade Show 2007

We have been busy inventing things or improving existing things using circuits! Today all that hard work paid off with an invention "Trade Show." The students demonstrated their inventions as well as showed the "customers" their Spec sheets. The whole school stopped by to pay us a visit! It was so fun!

Fishing with Victoria and Danica

Lighted airplane landing pad with Rachell and Annalise.

The 5 in one game invention of Hee Joo and Minori!

The Trade show in action!

Students try the 5 in one game invention.


Clay and Miguel's flexible reading light impresses Auntie Teri's Class.

Middle Schoolers checking out the inventions.

Auntie Teri's students also enjoyed Nicole and Jae's Kitty cat as well as Phalai and Christina's Doll!


Anonymous said...

love all the ideas but clay and migule better get crackin on makeing lots of lamps for the managaha trip!... just kidding!

Saipan Students said...

You all did such an excellent job at the trade show! I was really proud of you! What did you learn from this experience?

Aunie Brenda

Minori said...

love your inventions guys i know you worked hard on this and its worth it!

Danica said...

oo auntie Brenda we learn alot of thing like don't touch 120 volts and how to make short curcit and other curcits tooo thank you