Thursday, May 3, 2007

Reducing Violence by Annalise Livingston

10 year plan to reduce


By: Annalise Livingston 4th grade

Have you ever thought about violence? Has it ever bothered you that there is usually something in the newspaper about violence? Well I have a few ideas on how to reduce most of the violence in our society. And they will take about ten years to develop into strong solutions to help our country.

My first idea is that people should stop making all these guns! Who even invented these things? And who would even think about such a horrible thing? Falling coconuts is enough but guns, and bombs, is just is just too much. You should keep a guard dog instead of a gun.

My second idea is to stop all these wars! After all that is why so many people are being killed every day. What if the army general comes and takes away your son and he gets killed in a war, how would you feel? Although it would take about ten years to stop all the wars in the world, if we could, I would.

My third idea is to make a special lock that can’t be picked, so people won’t sneak into other people’s houses. Or sneak into stores because people would want the person to go to jail. And what if that person was innocent because the guy that did it blamed him

And the police believed him. Would you want that to happen?

So like the title it would probably take about ten years to make my plans to start working. And hopefully they will. But I will need your help to make them work.

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Anonymous said...

Annalise did a great job voicing her opinion and ideas to stop violence. I'm delighted to know that even 9 yr olds are keeping up to date with world events, and beginning to think of solutions. Keep up the good work, Annalise.

Honey Foster (your grandma)