Thursday, May 3, 2007

"A Long Way From Chicago" A book review by Clay and Jake

A Long Way from Chicago
By Richard Peck
A Book Review
By Clay
And Jake

Summary of the story:

Joey and Mary Alice visit their Grandma every summer for 7 years. While they are there visiting their Grandma, they meet different people and relatives like Mrs. Wilcox, shotgun Cheatham, Uncle Brady, and O.B Dickerson (the town sheriff). They also have many adventures like when they see the town sheriff dancing in his underpants. They also had other adventures like when they went to a county fair and the winner of all the categories got to ride on an airplane. Grandma switched her pie with another person’s pie and then her pie that she switched won. After the pie contest she went to the airplane stand and said “the guy who won the pie contest really won for the canned vegetables so here is my ribbon. Joey noticed that the ribbon was from Grandma’s hat. So Grandma got to ride on the airplane but she was too big so Joey got to ride on his first airplane.

One day when Mary Alice grows up she enters a talent show and when she is up on stage she does something that Grandma or Joey doesn’t expect. She comes up and dances with Joey’s driving teacher who is Joey’s age. Mary Alice and Joey’s driving teacher win the contest. One day when Grandma is at home the milk delivery boy and his brothers come and try to rob their house!!!

Clay can relate to the characters because Clay has a ridden in an airplane and he visits his Grandparents in the states. Jake can relate to the characters because he visits his Grandparents in Japan and Korea and he has ridden in an airplane.

This is our book review about A Long Way from Chicago. We recommend this book for 4th grade and up because some parts were hard to understand. We liked this book because in some parts it was funny. Clay rates this book a B- because Clay thought it needed more action and Jake rated it B+ because he thought it was funny in some parts but some parts were a bit hard to understand.

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