Thursday, April 26, 2007

Victoria's plan to reduce violence

My 10 year plan to reduce VIOLENCE!!!!

By: Victoria Chenstova Age 9, 4th grade

Have you ever heard about murders or crimes especially where weapons were used? It’s not a pretty sight. It makes me so sad, innocent people getting killed for no reason. It’s just awful. I will make a ten year plan to stop or at least reduce violence in our society. My first idea is weapons should be kept in a special spot, next we should not have hand guns, semi automatics or any guns like these, and third is to change the second amendment in the bill of rights.

My first idea was to store weapons in a special spot like a building with police, guards, and security cameras. Everyone that has a weapon must keep it in that building. You must fill out a form that asks were you are going, the code to get that weapon, and how long you will have it.

My second idea was no hand guns and semi automatics. Why? Because these guns are used to kill people if we have them there will be murder.

My third idea is to change the second amendment of the bill of rights (weapons can be kept in homes). So no weapons would be kept in homes. To protect yourself, you can buy a baseball bat or an object like it.

These are things that I hope happen. There is a lot of violence. Let’s stop it now. My solutions are to store weapons in a safe spot, no using semi automatic and hand guns, and change the second amendment. Lets all work together to stop violence. Are you in?


Michaela said...

I like your ideas they might work!

michaela said...

i kinda also disagree with a baseball bat inside your homes because you could kill someone with a baseball bat and that is still violence.

victoria said...

do you think you can really the bat that hard. if you can then don't hit that person hard jest try to make him or her fall so you can run or call the police

michaela said...

i like your idea but if you use a wooden bat or a metal bat by just swinging the bat around you could send someone to the hospital really easily. If they are used as weapons you could kill someone with the bats.