Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reducing Violence by Michaela Grandinetti

10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Michaela Grandinetti

5th grade, age 10

Have you heard in the news that there are so many people dying in this world? Their families’ hearts and souls are broken because of their loved ones. I would feel so bad for families and friends whose friend or family member died in a war or a murder. I have three main ideas to prevent violence in our society and to make the world a better place.

My first main idea to reduce violence is for people to stop watching TV that has violence in it. How I want to prevent this that there should only be TV channels that don’t have violence in it. Like Educational channels, and channels for young children. Another way you could prevent this is that you could block channels that you don’t like or have violence in it.

My second main idea is for people to stop playing video games with violence in it. They might learn from it. Stores should only sell non-violence video games. I think it could become a law.

My third main idea is that nobody should be able to trade something for guns. That person might be a criminal. How I would want to prevent this, that it also should become a law. Another way to prevent this is that Stores shouldn’t sell guns only for a good reason.

My ideas could be possible if there are people that care about our society and safety for people and young children. I will now list my ideas, my first was to stop watching TV that has violence in it, my second was to stop playing videogames with violence in it, and my last one was to stop trading guns.


kristina said...

i like your 2nd idea!

raina said...

your ideas are great. i agree that there should be no violence on tv and video games. your last idea was the best don't trade anything for a gun

Christian said...

I thought your ideas were great but also how are you going to make sure that people are going to do those things? I also really think that violance should not be on tv because kids might get the idea of being able to shoot someone and they will live like the cartoons that is why it's bad.

michaela said...


i like your question but how i make sure that these might work is that people look at our essays that are posted on the blog and people could look at it and might do our ideas on our essays