Thursday, April 26, 2007

Raina's ideas for reducing violence in our society

My 10 Year Plan to Reduce Violence in our Society.

By: Raina Klaver

Have you ever heard of school violence? Sad to say I have and I want to reduce school violence. These are my 3 mains ideas to reduce school violence. No teachers should have weapons. Adults should not be able to walk into schools with out an I-D if they are a stranger. No schools materials that could be used as any kind of a weapon be left out unattended during breaks.

No teachers should have weapons on school campus. How I reduce this is that all teachers and students (just in case) should get checked for weapons before school so students are safe form harm. Their bags should also get checked for weapons too!

Adults should not be able to walk into a school without an I-D. If they are a stranger or an unknown parent they should not be able to walk in. How I would reduce this is that there would be a watch guard during school. So a stranger could not just walk in and hurt innocent teachers and students or kill them.

No school materials that could be used as a weapons be left unattended during breaks. School materials like knifes, chemicals, scissors and ropes. How I reduce this is that all teachers that think students would come in and take things that could be used as weapons should lock the doors. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have locks on the door buy a filing cabinet put the things inside then lock it with a key or a code. Don’t let the students know where the key is or know what the code is.

If we follow my main idea’s maybe school violence will stop. My first main idea will help all teachers in all grades. My second main idea will help all grades too maybe. My last main idea will help middle school and high school and maybe college.


Anonymous said...

i dont really agree on checking bags because maby some brings something persanole. or privite but its still a good idea
fr victoria

michaela said...

What if the stranger kills the guards and runs inside?

Annalise said...

you have to use scissors in class. Why would someone attack during class
or school. Usually people break into schools because they want to steal supplies.