Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in Society by Christian Miller

10 Year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Christian Miller

Have you ever planed a trip but then you cancelled it because of violence? I had that happen to me before and I want to change all that. I have 3 main ideas how to reduce violence. The 1st is to write a grievance to the president and ask for a meeting. 2nd is to confront the people with a megaphone right out side the White House and educate them on what’s going on in the world; and 3rd if all else fails I would make picket signs telling the president to change the 2nd amendment in the constitution.

So my first plan I would send a grievance to the president and ask for a private meeting. I would say something like this “I’m concerned with our society and guns. Do you think we could change the 2nd amendment to selling only air guns people and hand guns or semi automatic guns to police men and people and people who are fighting in the war? This should happen because remember the Virginia Tech Massacre? 32 people were killed and 19-29 were injured!”

My 2nd idea I would buy a megaphone and stand right outside the white house and say “did you have a sibling killed in a violent event? Like the Virginia Tech Massacre? 32-33 families had a sibling killed. The 2nd amendment is allowing people to carry around big guns! I want to change that; if we work together we can make a difference in the world! A world without violence!

My 3rd plan I would make picket signs an go walk around streets telling people to join me in telling the president that we care about our families and society and that guns should not be limited in stores as well as types. In conclusion I think the president would have no chose but to change the 2nd amendment because if we work together and do my main ideas which are Grievances, educate people, and picket signs about the amendment, we would have a safer and happier society.


kristina said...

i think your 3rd one is a pretty cool idea!

Rachell Kim said...

Nice idea's
I think those idea's are really going to work~!

michaela said...

i kinda disagree on your first idea because if you send a grievance to the president what if he doesnt listen to your grievance about the second amendment and violence?

Jake said...

I agree with Michaela what if the president just gets mad and doesn't listen?

jay said...

I think when if you do these plans I think the gouvernment will get mad throw you in to jail

Christian said...

Well Jay i wouldn't care if they through me in jail because maybe it might inspire people to do the same thing i did like the lady who refused to give up her bus seat. Jake and Michaela if the president didn't listen to my grievance I could think about impeaching him because remember these idea are supposed to take affect in 10 years which is a long time from now and i would have more time to think about more ideas!

michaela said...

wow! christian i never thought about that you could impeach the president if he doesnt listen to your grievence i haved never thought about that.