Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reducing Violence by Clay McCullough-Stearns

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By Clay McCullough-Stearns

5th grade Age 11

Did you know that in my life time there has been some horrible things with violence that have made innocent people die or get hurt? The tragedy of 9-11 that made thousands of innocent people and children die just because some people flew two planes into the World Trade Center. I want to change the way people use violence today. First, I would like to change the second amendment, have adults come in at speak at schools and to take action today.

So how will I change violence? I want to change the second amendment because I think it causes more violence. The second amendment to the constitution is the right to bear arms which means anybody can carry weapons, but I disagree with that. I think that only policemen and other authorized people should be able to have guns let alone use them.

Because then things happen like the Virginia tech shoot out that has killed 32 innocent people at least, and has now been the worst killing incident in U.S. history today. So what I’m trying to say is make a change and start today. Guns also shouldn’t be sold in stores except for hunting. We shouldn’t even sell hand guns or machine guns to the public because you don’t use hand guns or machine guns for hunting. So those guns should not even be sold in stores.

My second solution is that there should be adults talking in all the schools. So kids can learn ways to not use violence. I think every year people should talk to every school and class. They should also write about ways to not use violence like I’m writing right now. They could learn new strategies for solving problems like talk it out, walk away, tell a teacher, use an “I” message, or count to ten to cool off.

My third solution is to start making a change today instead of watching TV or going on the computer so that you, your children and their children can have a safe country or maybe even a safe world!!! So please start now to help every one have a safe society with no violence.

So what I’m trying to say is that this is my way to try and change the way people use violence today. So my solutions are to change the second amendment because I disagree with it. My second solution is to talk to all the schools and to teach children to not use violence. Finally, my third solution is to start to make a change!!!


Michaela said...

I think your ideas are pretty cool! I like the the ideas about the Constitution

Danica said...

i like the way you thought changeing the second amement