Thursday, April 26, 2007


"The three things that are essential to achievement are hard work, stick-to-it-iv-ness, and common sense." -Thomas Edison

Why teach children about circuits? As part of a project by the Annenberg Foundation, new graduates from M.I.T. (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) were formally surveyed to see whether they could light a light bulb using a wire and a battery. Although they thought they could do it-all graduates from one of the world's top science and engineering universities -had trouble.

Although electrical appliances are a part of everyday modern life, many people have little idea, or wrong ideas, about how electricity works. This is the reason we are going to explore basic and more advanced concepts in electric circuits this year.

The students all had to sign a pledge that they would never experiment with 120 Volt sockets or appliances that plug into 120 volts at home or at school.

No 120 Volts!!!

"I did it!" says Danica.

"stick-to-it-iv-ness" in action by Nicole

We made the circuit!

Miguel records his findings in pen in his Inventor's Journal so he can defend a patent if he needs to.

Jay: "Why won't the light light up? I know the circuit is all connected."

Jay: "Ohhhhhh!!! There's no negative charge on the other end!!!"
Christian and Raina: "OOOHHH!!! That's why!!!"

Jay: "there, see now it works!"

Clay: "Auntie Brenda, if our bodies are conductors, what if I cut my fingers open and touched both sides of the battery? Would it make a short circuit and get hot?"
Brenda: "Why don't you try saliva instead?"
Clay: "REALLY?!?!?!"
Brenda: "Sure"
Clay: "Nope, doesn't get hot."

Jay: "What if I took a battery into the bathtub? Since water is a conductor would the battery get hot?"
Brenda: "Great Question, I'm not really sure."
Raina: "I think it might be dangerous."
Christian: "I've seen batteries on the beach with all the stuff coming out.
Raina: :Yeah, the battery might explode."

Christian: "Let's see if Phalai's earing can conduct an electrical current....It won't work."
Phalai: "I've tried it before and it worked."
Time passes..many people try it...
Jay: "there's no electricity!"
Christian: "Let's add a battery."
All: "IT WORKS!!!!!"


Minori said...

Awseme circits its so fun maybe I should try this at home!

Rachell Kim said...


Nicole said...

Circuits ROCK !!!!!!!!!!
lets do this some more in school!!!!!
it's fun!!

annalise said...

very electrifying!

Danica said...

thanks antie Brenda for letting us do this its fun

michaela said...

I love circuits they are soooo fun!

raina said...

circuits are so fun lets do some morer

Nicole said...

GO Circuts GO!!!!!!!
Cicuts ROCK!!!!!!

Danica said...

what ever you do.Do not touch noooooooooo 120 volts you can get shocked die ha ha ha moooha ha ha you did not here any thing.