Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My 10 year plan to reduce violence in our society By Kristina Folta

10 year plan to reduce violence in our society

By: Kristina R. Folta

4th grade, age10

Have you ever flipped through the channels on TV, and saw that there was a gunfight at a college? Do you ever wonder if they had a very successful school year that they were going to finish? Was it your child that was killed when you were not by their side? I want to “ be the change I want to see” This is what Ghandi said. I have several ideas how to fix society so there will be less violence and kids in college can at least get their masters degree in safety.

My first main idea is that we amend the second amendment so that you are allowed to have guns but you have to have a reasonable purpose. One would be to protect your family from wild animals. If you are a F.B.I. worker a gun is a tool. If you are a soldier fighting for your independence like in the revolutionary war you would also kneed a gun. Amending the constitution is my first main idea.

My second idea is to forbid semi automatic guns for any purposes. You should not be killing as many as you can but rather defending. I think that you have the right to come home and say, “I fought for my country and I am still alive” to people who use semi automatic guns what is the purpose? Is it to kill many people at once? Or to defend your country? Think about that.

My last idea is to stop selling guns openly. But maybe to the military or police. That way guns are being used properly. And if anyone tries to sell guns they can be put in to court. That is my last idea.

So as you can see my plan is possible but only if you people that care about the safety in our society. Now I shall re-state my main ideas, amend the 2nd amendment. My second is forbidding the use of semi automatic guns. My last one is to stop selling guns of any sort except to police and army.


ED480 Educational Technology said...

Sounds like you thought about this problem. Keep up the good work..

Michaela said...

I love your introduction!

raina said...

your 10 year plan is great. thats a good idea for not selling guns to the open and good luck in Guam!