Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday August 22 updates

Hi All,
Sorry for the lack of pictures yesterday. We had a computer glitch. We are back on line with pictures from yesterday as well as today to share. In Literature we are reading Hans Christian Anderson, in Social Studies we are learning about India, and in Science we are working with Microscopes. We are also working on persuasive speeches and concrete poetry this week. Don't forget to write something everyday in your thinking log. I will collect those on Fridays.

Here we are in our science centers.
Amy and Maddie look at different fabric samples. Some fabric samples looked like waffles!

Students diligently work in their learning centers.

Clay examines his fingerprints and compares them to the common features of fingerprints.

Jake and Rachel also examine their fingerprints.

Raina checks out her fabric sample.

Rachell makes a magnifying glass out of a water drop.

Excited about microscopes!

Rachell, Cody, and Ilia look at all the dots on a magazine picture. It looks white to us but upon closer examination it is blue and green!!!

Joon gets messy with science.

Caleb and Crosby try to focus the microscope using the coarse focus knob and fine focus knob.

An 8th grade math lesson with Uncle Tom.


We gathered samples to explore under the microscope.
This is a sand sample from micro beach.

Labeled and packaged up.

Sugar Dock Beach

PIC beach

Tank Beach

Hunter collecting pond samples at the Lamar residence.

Sample source.

We were even lucky enough to find mosquito larva in the red bucket. We can't wait to look at all of these things under the microscope.

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