Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exploring lenses and Reading, Running, and writing

How does a drop of water magnify things?
Yes Joon, the dome shape does bend the light!

We experimented with water drops on newsprint. We used wax paper as our barrier so that the newspaper wouldn't get ruined.

The larger the drop and less dome shaped the less the magnification. The higher the dome the more the print was magnified.

Reading Running and Writing!!

First Auntie Brenda read us a short story while we stretched.

Then we ran, jogged, or walked for 20 minutes while we pondered the meaning of the short stories.

After we finished running we recorded how many laps we each individually did, what we considered about our story, and how the general running went. We were excited to drip sweat in our running journals!!! :)

The outcome of this writing exercise was awesome!

Have a GREAT night and don't forget to write in your thinking journal every day Monday-Friday. You can write about absolutely anything...just write something!

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