Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of School!

Making banana pancakes on the first day of school is a WPS tradition! Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding we did not get every child through the cooking station. But while some were busy making pancakes the others were working on team building.

making banana pancakes with Uncle Tom
Clay, Hunter and Crosby build a "helicopter."

Joon, Ilia, and Min Joo make a "helicopter."

Rachell, Marin, and Raina make a "clock."

Caleb and Jake make a "computer."

Caleb, Ilia, and Clay make their "masks."

The students show off their "masks."

Eating banana pancakes, spam, and eggs.

Raina and Jake serve themselves up breakfast.

The great "sing down."

"The Sing Down."

Team building through the "Sing Down."

Make sure to fill out all of your forms and get those school supplies. We are off to a great start! We have good teamwork and positive attitudes! We are ready to learn!!!

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