Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Taste of India by Maddie and Raina

Today we went to Taste of India, we ate Indian food. We also got to look at their tandoori oven. We learned a lot about the food they eat in India!
The Indian food was colorful and scented because of the many spices they used such as saffron.
Everyone liked comparing the restaurant's food to what we had learned about in our books.
The food at the restaurant looked like a traditional Indian meal.
The food was tasty.
It was interesting to compare the Indian movies to our movies.
Whoops, Raina got caught eating on camera!
Some of the food was really sour or spicy.
Some of our parents came too.
We also got to try special rice pudding, it tasted like chai.
The tandoori oven is really hot! The employees said it was very expensive to bring the Tandoori oven to Saipan. Tandoori ovens are the way many breads and meats are cooked in India. Traditionally they are made of clay.
We really liked the puffy bread.


Anonymous said...

indian food OWNZ MASSIVELY!!!!!!

amy said...

that looks delicious

Michaela Grandinetti said...

sounds cool!!!! at my school we also have something like that our cafeteria i hope you guys are having fun in school i really miss you guys! Tell everybody i said hi!

-michaela grandinetti