Friday, September 7, 2007

"Spay and Neuter the Kitties" Bake Sale Every Friday

Friday Mornings 7:30 AM-8:05 AM and after School from 2:30-3:00

Tang, Cutie and Beauty
Whispering Palms School was adopted by an orange cat a year ago. Although she was afraid of all people she soon learned to trust because of the big hearts of our students and Staff (especially Auntie Goril). The students learned to care for her. They named her Beauty and fed her their left-overs. Soon Beauty's boyfriend "Cutie" moved in. Before we knew it, Beauty became a mom to baby Tang. We have tried to find the cats a good home but so far we have been unsuccessful. We now have 3 cats. We fear that if we don't take action the cat population will continue to rise. The only veterinarian still performing these operations will do the female surgeries for $260.00 and the male surgeries for $200.00. Our target is to raise $720.00. We have two females and one male and we fear Beauty might be pregnant again.

Morning Bake Sale. So far we have raised $140.00! We are almost able to get one cat fixed!

Signs around the school.

Some WPS Students advertising their bake sale

This is the Whispering Palms Middle School Class who are taking on this Community Service!
Teaching children about empathy, responsibility and appropriate care for animals is so important. Please help us reach our goal of $720.00 by visiting our bake sale every Friday from 7:30 AM-8:05 AM at Whispering Palms School.
Cutie curls up for a nap.


Katie said...

Way to go Whispering Palms!! Your compassion for animals, and kind approach to this problem should be commended and recognized by the community!

I hope you will share this experience with the CNMI so that others can learn from your choice to act humanely.

-Katie Busenkell, President of PAWS

Anonymous said...

I will donate $50. I will give the money to Brenda the next time I see her.