Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday we won the volleyball game against Calvary Christian Academy. In the first game we won 18-25. In the second game we lost 13-25. In the last game which was to 15 instead of 25 we were down 14-8 and we had had the serve and it was up to Hunter Thorpe to make all his serves in or we would not make it to the semi finals. Hunter Thorpe served all of the serves in and we made it to 16 (because we had to win by two) and we won the game! YES! Thank you to all the volleyball players for doing their best in the game! We have a game against SIS green at MHS at 4:30. Good Luck Team!!!

Today we finished all of our mysteries and read them to each other. On Friday we have a spelling test due. This Friday is a half day. School ends at 11:00. Next week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are all half days. Wednesday (Halloween) is a full day!

Posted By: Amy Arenovski

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